I would like to thank everyone who believed I could make a difference as a member of the St. George City Council. Based on the number of votes I received in my first election, I’m certainly encouraged to try again in the future.

Before I continue, I want to congratulate all of the candidates in the race, and a special thumbs up for those who are moving on to the General Election. Every one of the candidates (and their families) made a great sacrifice to run for public office, and they all have St. George’s best interest at heart.

I am grateful for everyone who voted for me. I also want to thank those of you who took the time to complete one or more of our online surveys and/or contact me with your questions, concerns, and even challenges to my principles.

St. George is a wonderful place to live, and it will continue to be so as long as our citizens truly care about our future. Even though this election is over for me, I’m still available to brainstorm ideas to make our community’s future even brighter.

May God bless you and the great city of St. George.



Ron Woodbury

Live – Prosper – Play – Preserve

Our heritage provides the foundation for a great tomorrow.

Living in a safe, family-centered community with great neighborhoods and schools, a community that preserves our unique history, and a community that respects the liberties and freedoms of each individual is a place I call home. As a member of your City Council, I will fight to preserve these rights and our way of life in St. George.

I support a strong police force to help maintain peace and safety throughout our community.

Preserving southern Utah means showing our gratitude for the beautiful region God has provided, and ensuring it will last for generations. The experience of driving through our valley is spectacular. These vistas stood strong well before any human walked this part of the planet.

I’m often suspect of projects such as the Northern Corridor, that are rubber-stamped and lack transparency. This project is what my good friend referred to as the “camel’s nose under the tent”. While I’m on the cliché trail, remember “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. We must genuinly consider alternatives to any project of this magnitude. The decisions we make today will have an impact for decades to come – long after the developers have cashed in and moved on to another community.

I’m a proponent of the smart growth principles promoted locally by Conserve Southwest Utah. Smart growth does not stifle opportunity, but reckless growth can destroy our children’s future. I will not simply play along to get along. I will challenge the status quo as we seek solutions and pursue opportunities.








St. George is a great place to play. Our city is blessed to have a cornucopia of arts and recreation activities for all ages. We have great museums, trails, parks, and galleries. We aren’t the only ones who like to play in St. George. Marathons, Iron Man, and our home-grown Rodeo bring in thousands of visitors each year. Tourism is fundamental to our economy.

As an artist and a member of the St. George Arts Commission, I will tirelessly promote the arts. As a dad I will make sure our Leisure Services department has the resources they need to ensure St. George remains a great place to play. As a capitalist, I will fight to bring high-profile events to our community.

What about our children’s future? Will they be able to buy a home in St. George five to ten years from now? Will there be enough jobs to keep them from moving away after college? Will the influx of a few high-profile companies gentrify our community until it is unaffordable and unrecognizable? The decisions we make as a community today will have a tremendous impact on the lives of our children. I support a managed and balanced growth approach to building our future.

Thriving in a prosperous community where entrepreneurial commitment is rewarded, a community with a strong nonprofit network of agencies dedicated to serving those in need, a community with anti-tax, anti-regulation leadership, and a community with a forward thinking post-secondary education that focuses on realistic career paths is a place I call home. 



“The status quo is an endangered species.”

About Ron

Ron is a descendent of the original St. George pioneers, which is why he is dedicated to the heritage and future of our community. Our history and culture drove Ron to move his family to St. George – returning to his roots.

Ron is a champion for less government, less regulations, and less taxes, which means more freedom and liberty for the residents of Southern Utah. 

Ron currently serves as a member of the St. George Arts Commission, and chairperson for the committee to bring a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center to our city.

Ron has over three decades serving his community as a board member, volunteer, and consultant for nonprofit organizations. He served 25 years in a senior executive capacity for a not-for-profit financial institution.  

Ron is a champion of sensible, smart growth principles to ensure we preserve our quality of life and provide opportunities for future generations.


This is how we will preserve our past and build our future.

Growth and Transportation

St. George continues to be on every list of the fastest growing areas in our country. The growth cannot happen fast enough for those directly profiting on our expansion. Frankly, I’m quite concerned about our ability to keep our infrastructure, affordable housing, and public safety in pace with our rapid growth. And, we are now facing water shortages and rolling electricity black-outs.

Data and public opinion are telling us we are heading toward a water crisis in our region. St. George and surrounding communities must act now to head off this crisis, or we may be faced with draconian measures, which may include rationing or curtailing (even delaying) new developments. Continuing unfettered growth without improved regional planning for transportation, water, and general development will have a negative impact on the quality of life for generations to come. The time for smart growth strategies is now.

Arts and Culture

As an artist, a member of the St. George Arts Commission, and chair of the commission to build a performing arts center in St. George, I will always be a champion for the arts in our community.


I will fight to preserve our pioneer heritage and save the spirit of Utah’s Dixie throughout our community. We can grow and thrive without extinguishing the spirit of those who came before us.

Cancel culture is destroying everything it its path, and must be eradicated in St. George.

Quality of Life and Safety 

Our wonderful neighborhoods, parks, paths, and recreation facilities make St. George one of the most family-friendly communities in our country. As we experience rapid growth throughout, we must ensure we have the public safety resources to keep these resources safe for generations to come.

As a member of your City Council I will never allow the socialist and ultra-leftwing policies ruining our American cities to infiltrate St. George, nor will I reduce public safety funding for social justice or political purposes.


St. George has a strong tourism industry, one that managed to survive the pandemic, and an industry that must be nurtured. Our growing technology sector provides an exciting future for St. George. I will help to promote more home-grown companies to help keep our intellectual assets and our children in our city.

Affordable Housing

Where will our children live when they set out to build their new families? Will they be able to afford a starter home in St. George? These prospects are dwindling rapidly, with rental costs doubling in recent years, and the cost of a starter home becoming further out of reach for new families. Without a strong affordable housing program, we risk driving our children away from their community. We cannot risk becoming the next Austin, Texas.






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My name is Ron Woodbury and I am running for St. George City Council. I look forward to officially presenting my intent to run to the city during the first week of June 2021 and sharing my vision and perspectives with you in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact me...

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