Ask Ron Anything




Please post your question(s) for me here. I will post the questions along with my responses on my Facebook campaign page in a timely manner. I am moderating the questions so I can clarify your inquiry before I publish my response. I hope this will save time and ensure I am addressing your questions and concerns effectively. (This is why I need your email address. Without it, I may not be able to clarify your question, and it may not get published.) 

This process will also allow me to address multiple questions of similar nature from more than one citizen in a more efficient manner. When the Q&A are published, your name will not be included in the post.  

I am requesting your zip code to ensure I am prioritizing my responses to the citizens of St. George. We’ve had a considerable amount of online trolls gumming up our dialogs, and frankly, I’m not really interested in the viewpoints of citizens of other states. My focus is on St. George and St. George only. That is the primary reason I’m shifting to this moderated Q&A system. 

I appreciate your patience as we manage this inquiries in this manner. If you would like to speak with me directly, please call my campaign cell phone at (435) 218-6233, or email me at


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