Who’s in charge?

St. George is running out of water and nobody in charge seems to care. We are building developments with lagoons in the middle of the desert (in the midst of a drought) at the same time we are our telling citizens to conserve. That sounds like St. George is talking out of both sides of its mouth. 

I recently conducted a series of surveys specific to St. George’s water and growth issues. What’s most revealing is that our citizens have been left out of the discussion regarding the speed and manner in which St. George grows.

I’m not a proponent of zero growth. That’s preposterous. But we need smarter growth to ensure new families and our own children have a place to call home without the fear of running out of water.  Asking for common sense discussions about the speed of our growth is fair, and the citizens of St. George deserve to be heard. Personally, I’m not convinced, beyond a survey every twenty-five years or so, that local government is actively engaging the community in discussions, issues, challenges, and opportunities related to growth. 


 Time to Pause. Data and public opinion are telling us we are heading toward a water crisis in our region. St. George and surrounding communities must act now to head off this crisis, or we may be faced with draconian measures, which may include rationing or curtailing (even delaying) new developments. Continuing unfettered growth without improved regional planning for transportation, water, and general development will have a negative impact on the quality of life for generations to come. The time for smart growth strategies is now.

Rolling Blackouts in St. George? We are now faced with the prospects of rolling blackouts in our community. We the citizens of St. George are now faced with changing our habits based on green, yellow, or red days. Why?

We are all using less electricity. We’ve all done our part by converted to LED lighting and more energy-efficient appliances, but clearly we have not effectively managed the growth of our region.




Are you with me, or am I nuts?

Please share your thoughts with me.

“I’m not a zero growth guy. Just a common sense growth guy.”

For the record…

I have no affiliation with any developer or planner in our city our county, so I will not be influenced nor intimidated to back down on my concerns. The rate we grow must align with the desires of the community and the availability of required resources. I’m not a zero growth guy. Just a common sense growth guy. 

I appreciate and welcome your feedback and comments. 

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